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Travel in Emeishan

Emeishan boasts abundant tourism resources. Besides the world-famous national Grade AAAAA tourist destination of Mt. Emei, the city is also renowned as the site of the following attractions.

Mt. Emei Scenic Area

Located in the city of’ Emeishan, Sichuan Province, Mt. Emei is famous as a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage site, one of the four major mountains for Buddhist pilgrimages in China, a key culture relic under national protection, a national key tourist attraction and a national Grade AAAAA tourist destination.

Mt. Emei Scenic Area has a total area of 154 km2 and its Wanfoding Peak,the highest of the local peaks, lowers 3,099m above sea level.Mt. Emei is noted to have “the Most Spectacular Mountainous Terrain in China” for its steep precipices and picturesque natural scenery. Tourists journey here for the four local wonders and ten other wonderful sights. There are 26 temples scattered throughout the mountain and a monkey preserve in the vicinity of the Qingyin Temple and between the Narrow Strip of Sky and the Teen Lawn. Covering 25 hectares, it is so far the largest natural monkey preserve in China.

Admission: RMB 185 per person in busy season or RMB 110 per person in low season (The off Season: from Dec. 15th to Jan. 14th of the next year). The bus route begins at 7:00 and closes at 16:00 from Nov. 1st to Apr.25th (Off season), and operates at half-hour intervals in the morning and at hourly intervals from 12:00 p.m. onwards.


Damiao Feilai Temple

Also called the Giant Temple, the Damiao Feilai Temple was first built during the Song and Yuan Dynasties and is now a national level cultural relic for protection, as well as a Grade AA tourist attraction. The temple is a treasure trove of over 2.000 m2 with well-preserved wooden architecture dating back to the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Thus, the temple is hailed by experts as one of the few existing museums of ancient Chinese architecture. Two stone tablets are preserved in the temple’s hall, one titled Dedication to Temple Reconstruction in the 4th Year of Song Emperor Chunhua’s Reign (in 993) and the other named Dedication to Temple Reconstruction in the 4th Year of Yuan Emperor Taiding’s Reign(in 1327). Besides this, the temple is the site where the biggest discovery of Song iron coins was unearthed. It is also one of China’s and the world’s largest depository of ancient coins at a single locale.

Buddhist Culture Attraction of Buddhist Monastery

Known as the most magnificent Chinese Buddhist temple in Asia, the Buddhist Culture Attraction of Buddhist Monastery is a national Grade AAAA tourist destination located at the foot of Mt. Emei, one of the four famous mountains for Buddhist pilgrimages in China. The attraction has a planned area of around 2,000 mu, including 478 mu dedicated to the Buddhist Monastery, 200 mu to the Emei Elephant City, 192 mu to the Bodhi Park, 400 mu to a cultural plaza and a cluster of themed cultural hotels, and 720 mu to municipal park. With an emphasis on Buddhist culture, the Buddhist Culture Attraction of Buddhist Monastery combines a comprehensive service platform, Buddhist culture-themed entertainment, pilgrimage to the temple, Buddhist self-advancement, urban recreation, themed hotel development and municipal park. This is why the attraction is hailed as a “one-core. Seven-area” multi-functional complex for experiencing Buddhist culture. It is also regarded as “the First Stop of the Pilgrimage” and “the Spiritual Destination for Buddhists”.

Admission: RMB 10 per person

Xianzhi Zhujian Ecological Garden

A national Grade AAAA tourist destination covering over 240 mu, the Xianzhizhujian Ecological Garden is located 2km east of Emeishan. It is bounded by the Shenli Town section of the Leshan-Emeishan Tourist Expressway on the south and by the Emei River on the north, making the region highly accessible. The garden is both a cultural and natural attraction where tourists can taste and enjoy the zen in a cup of tea. The beautiful Xianzhi Lake which is about 100-mu in area and looks out onto the foot of the distant Mt. Emei, is especially gorgeous when the mountain is reflected on the lake surface on a calm day. The garden has a 20.36-mu Panda House fashioned after Ming and Qing architectures, consisting of an indoor house and an outdoor house for giant pandas. The Dinosaur House is composed of three exhibition areas, including the dinosaur fossil skeleton area, dinosaur safari simulation area and dinosaur-related souvenir area, combining for an immersive environment that bring visitors back to the Jurassic period.

Admission: Through ticket RMB 140 per person (inclusive of RMB 80 per person for the Panda House and RMB 60 per person for the Dinosaur House)

Zhuyeqing Tea Culture Theme Park

A national Grade AAA tourist destination, the Zhuyeqing Tea Culture Theme Park is located in a tea plantation as part of the Exemplary Leshan National-level Agricultural Science Park. It consists of four sightseeing features, including the Tea Expo Garden, the Mingqing Garden, the Ecological Garden and the Tea Plantation & Processing Area, along with a score of other scenic spots. The Tea Expo Garden alone is made up of three showrooms, each with a separate theme of  “history of Chinese tea”, “tea-related folk culture” and “Zhuyeqing-related folk culture”, as well as a tea art gallery, a litterateur’s tea-house and a Zhuyeqing oriented tea house. The Zhuyeqing Tea Culture Theme Park is a multi-purpose tea culture museum which integrat exhibition, tea art performance, shopping and tourism.


Xiangcheng Opera House

The Holy Elephant of Emei is a 90-min drama performance blending such art genres as music, dance, poetry and painting, which conveys the seven themes of phantasm, elegance, spirit, Shu culture, tenacity, dream and zen. In an artistic manner, the drama combines natural and cultural elements, and traditional and artistic properties, in order to showcase to domestic and foreign tourists alike a piece of high-quality show that will unroll like a Chinese painting scroll.

Address: No. 6, Daguangming Rd, Emeishan, Sichuan

Admission: RMB 200 per person (common ticket) RMB 280 per person (VIP ticket)

Time: 7:30 p.m.


Exiu Lake Resort

Located to the southwest of metropolitan Emeishan, the Exiu Lake Scenic Area covers an area of 4km2 including a 1.5km2 centerpiece area, 950 mu of which is water. This is a multi-functional holiday destination that integrates hotels, theatres, tourism, shopping and culinary enjoyment. The Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity Railway has a depot near the Exiu Lake area. So far, 13 major cultural tourism facilities are in place including an opera house, five-star hospitality, exhibition & convention center, spa & health preservation, entertainment and holiday resort. The Exiu Lake Scenic Area is currently positioning itself to become a Grade AAAA tourist attraction.