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Discover Mount Emei

Mount Emei sits at the southwestern rim of the Sichuan Basin. This grand mountain has been listed as a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage Site since 1996. Being one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, the mountain is also regarded as “a paradise for animals”, “a kingdom of plants”, and “a Nature’s museum of geology”.

Ten Thousand Buddhas in a Sea of Clouds


At 3,099 meters, Wanfo Summit, or the Ten Thousand Buddha Peak, is covered by primeval forest and is a part of Mt. Emei’s ecological reserve. Some famous scenic spots like Wanfo Pavilion and the rhododendron forest can be found in this area.

Railroad Station

White Water in the Autumn Wind


Built at the height of 1020 meters, Wannian Temple, Also known as White Water Temple, is one of the most famous scenic spots of Mt. Emei. In the temple there is White Water Pond. In autumn, the limpid ripples of the pond, the musical chorus of the frogs, and the fragrance of osmanthus flowers will bring you joy and relaxation.

A Flower-sea in Buddha’s Realm


From the foot to the top of Mt. Emei, a variety of rare flowers bloom during the whole spring and summer, contending in their beauty and fascination. See, the rhododendrons are blooming to express their respect to this sacred mountain of Buddhism!

Hotel Grand Kazan
Central Stadium

The Colorful Fantasy of Autumn

Mt. Emei is decorated in autumn by rich colors from light red to dark green. On the glorious scroll of sky clouds, a fascinating picture is embroidered by maples, smoke trees, and phoebe zhennans.


The Propitious Lights on Golden Summit


At 3,079 meters, Jinding, or the Golden Summit is the second highest peak and the most popular site of Mt. Emei. Numerous tourists have been attracted to Jinding, hoping to watch the Four Majestic Spectacles, the mountain sunrise, the sea of clouds, “the Light of Buddha”, and “the Holy Lamp”.

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The Dirt-free Garden


Ligou Garden, or the Dirt-free Garden, sits among the trees in Fuhu Temple (“Tiger Taming Temple”). Nearly no dead leaf would ever fall on the roofs of the garden because of its unique architectural designs; this is considered a wonder in the world history of architecture.



A Melody of Twin Bridges


There are two bridges sitting by the both sides of Qinyin Pavillion, or Clear Sound Pavilion. Beneath the bridges two green streams flow and then join in front of the pavilion. This beautiful landscape has been here for centuries.

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