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Food in Emeishan

Kaikouxiao Hotpot

Kaikouxiao Hotpot is one of the most popular and famous hot pot stores in Emei. The must-haves include hot pot items like escargots, spicy shrimp, fish ball, as well as snacks such as sticky rice cake and the eponymous “kaikouxiao”.

Recommended Restaurant: Kaikouxiao Hotpot Restaurant ac NO. 188, Wannian Rd. E., Emeishan City; Kaikouxiao Hotpot Restaurant at No. 5, Pedestrian Street, Wanshougong, Emeishan City.

Buckwheat Jelly Noodle

Buckwheat Jelly Noodle looks like another type of grey-colored Chinese snack called “liangfen”, but with a more pronounced texture. Together with a secret sauce, it has a unique spicy and savory taste.

Recommended Restaurant: Cao’s Buckwheat Jelly Noodle at No. 40, Xizheng St, Emeishan City.


Triple Paste

Tripe Paste is a delicious Pasty conglomeration of sticky rice, black bean and sesame as main ingredients, hence the name of this unique sweet. Its characteristics are nutritious and sweet without being overhearing.

Recommended Restaurant: Zhenglaojiu Snack Bar at Old Food Street of Emeishan City.

Ice Jelly

Ice Jelly is ice-cubed shaped and crystal clear, complemented by brown sugar sauce that is as sticky as caramel. Furthermore, this summer heat-heating snack has numerous flavors such as  “sanxian” or “three ingredients”, orange, lychee and lemon.

Recommended Restaurant: Er’mao Ice Jelly at old Food Street of Emeishan City.

Beef Pot

Beef Pot involves a pot of soup made from bones of freshly butchered ox. Ingredients 1ike cooked ox stomach, tendon, cheek, and tongue, along with other mainstays like vegetables are to be cooked in the soup, and additional flavors are provided through a dipping sauce that combines green and red chili. This white-colored soup is mouth-watering.

Recommended Restaurant: Shuiguoshi Stockpot Restaurant at No. 31, Weumiao St., Emeishan City.

Smoked Duck

The Emei Smoked Duck has a history of more than two hundred years. Having gone through curing, smoking and marination, the meat of the duck is tender and flavorful. It goes perfectly with some drinks.

Recommended Restaurant: “Cao’s Duck” is the most renowned brand of Emei smoked duck, and its address is No. 10, Jinding Rd. N., Emeishan City.

Tofu Pudding

Tofu Pudding is a semi-soupy type of tofu. Firstly, it comes in the form of a paste made by adding bean powder to bone consomme and then put in a bowl. Then, beef of pork intestines steamed with sticky rice powder coating is added, along with a variety of seasonings such as peanuts, fried pork shreds, beans, coriander, spring onion, chopped Chinese radish, chili oil and Sichuan pepper, making this a stimulating and very delicious dish with Sichuan flavor.

Recommended Restaurant: Gao’s Tofu Pudding at No. 114, Shuyuan St., Emeishan City.

Emei Chinese Turnip Soup

The Emei Chinese Turnip Soup is made from fresh pig’s bones and pork shoulder, then a variety of Chinese turnip native to Longchi of Mt. Emei is added. The soup is flavorful, with tender turnips and non-greasy pork.

Recommended Restaurant: Rongsheng Turnip Soup, Nearby Health Center, Malu Qiao, Eshan Town, Emeishan City.

Mt. Emei Vegetarian Banquet

Mt. Emei Vegetarian Banquet relies on the use of ingredients like bean products, noodles, vegetables and fruits, which are then processed in a traditional manner into creations that genuinely mimic other dishes in appearance, color, taste and scent.

Recommended Restaurant: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Dafo Buddha Hall and some other places of Emeishan City.

Shredded Eel

Shredded eel is a delicate and unique dish. By using a knife or bamboo shard, the head and innards of the eels are removed. and then the cleaned eel are chopped into thin shreds and cooked in the Sichuan “boiled (shuizhu)” style. The cooked eel shreds are smooth on the palate, while the soup is tingling, spicy, and hot. It is ideal for drinks.

Recommended Restaurant: Shredded eel is a popular local family-style dish, often available in many Chinese restaurants. The most famous one is around the Jucao area at the foot of Mt. Emei.

Sticky Rice Cake Wrapped by Leaf

Sticky Rice Cake Wrapped by Leaf is made from fine sticky rice Powder, with minced meat, sugar, peanut, sesame, walnuts and other ingredients as filling. Wrap the cake in leaves and steam before serving.

Recommended Restaurant: Lihua Ye’ erba Shop at No. 32, Jinding Rd. N, Emeishan City.

Similarly, a month or two before the Chinese New Year, another food-Emei cold rice cake is produced . After grinding rice down to a pasty form, the paste goes through a process of low temperature fermentation in the cold winter, and lard and sugar are then added.

Recommended Restaurant: Yuan’ s Cold Rice Cake at No. 29, Jinding Rd N, Emeishan City.